Hrvatsko državljanstvo – Croatian Citizenship

App_Store_Badge_EN_0609An iPhone/iPad app to practice 100 questions on the Croatian Citizenship Test. The test was added to the citizenship application requirements in 2012. The test which is administered at the time of application consists of 15 questions from a list of 100 possible questions.




The 100 possible questions are included in the free app with the answers available by in-app purchase for $9.99 USD.

Question flashcards can be scrolled manually or automatically, with or without answers.

Starred questions are added to a separate list which can be used to study specific questions.

Beautiful photos of Croatia, used by permission of the Croatian Tourist Board, are included in the iPad version.





App is available in English and Croatian, however all questions and answers are in Croatian because the test is only available in Croatian.


Answers have not been officially verified, but have been researched and checked by several Croatian citizens. Please report errors or issues on the Support page.

For more information about Croatian Citizenship visit: