Citizenship Test App FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use Siri to answer the questions?

For questions which require the answer to be entered from the keyboard, Siri can be used instead of typing.  You must use the Croatian keyboard (if you have not previously added the Croatian keyboard, go to Settings > General>Keyboard >Keyboards>Add New Keyboard…>Croatian).  To change to the Croatian keyboard tap on the “globe” key located on the bottom row of the keyboard.  When the Hrvatski keyboard is selected, choose the microphone button to use Siri to speak the answer.

How do I type the letters with diacritical marks on my iPhone or iPad?

Press and hold the key of the most similar letter (for example “c” for either “č” or “ć”).  When the alternate choices appear, slide your finger to select the correct letter.

How will I know if the answer is correct?

If answers have been purchases, correct answers are highlighted in green, while incorrect answers are highlighted in red.

How do questions get on the list “Questions To Practice”?

If answers have been purchased, any questions which are answered incorrectly are added to this list.  Questions remain on the “Questions To Practice” list until they are answered correctly.

How can I make my own smaller list of questions?

Make a “starred” list by tapping the gray star.  Switch to the “Starred Questions” list in Settings.  All questions with a yellow star will appear on this list.  Remove starred questions by toggling the yellow star back to gray.

Is there a way to shuffle the questions?

In Settings, turn on “Shake to Shuffle”.  Then when viewing a list of questions, “shake” the iPhone or iPad.  Turning off the “Shake to Shuffle” switch in Settings will return the list to its numerical order.

How can I see the translation of the questions?

An English translation using Google Translate is available here.